Chris and John signing the Certificate of Renewal.

Dear Brian and Jean,

Thank you so much for sending the CD. We were thrilled to receive the photos. Please pass on our sincere gratitude to Jean for taking the photos for us. We really appreciated her kindness and we are so pleased with the way they turned out. I have already started to put together an album using that wonderful website you sent me.

On Sunday evening after the ceremony we went around to West Point on Magnetic Island to watch the sunset on our wedding day. It was the most magnificent sunset I have ever seen and we managed to get some great photos which will be a lovely reminder of the day. I was almost eaten alive by midgees or sandflies or whatever they are called up there but it was worth it to see the sunset.

The morning after the ROV Ceremony we revisited Radical Bay and it was a very emotional time for us. Also an incredible thing happened. Under the palm tree where we remarried we found a piece of either driftwood or coral (not sure what it is). It is about 6 inches wide and perfectly shaped like a heart. I felt it was sign with a special meaning of some sort so I just had to bring it home. Still not sure how I got through the airport with it but it is taking pride of place on our coffee table.

Thank you once again for helping to make the day a very magical day for us. You and Jean made us feel very special and we have some beautiful memories. We actually enjoyed the day much more than our original wedding day. Thank you also for your beautiful song. We have listened to it quite a few times since we arrived home. It was lovely to listen to it again and actually take in all the words and their meaning. It will always be a very special song for us. You really should sing more often. You have a lovely voice and I'm sure Jean would agree. We both hope that you and Jean find as much happiness in your upcoming marriage as we have in ours.

We are both taking your advice and are already making positive steps towards making changes in our lives. I have taken on spending an hour each afternoon at school with a young student in grade 4 who has gone completely off the rails and his teacher is almost unable to cope with him. In just three days of working with him I have seen an incredible difference in him and it is very satisfying to think that maybe what I am doing might just help make a difference in his life. I might not be able to save the world but if I can make a difference in just a few small ways then the world has to be a better place to live in.

If you and Jean ever visit Tasmania please give us a call. You will always be most welcome to visit or to stay with us. We have a big empty house which is going to be even emptier in another month when Anna moves out. I am sure you would both love Tasmania.

Once again, thank you both for everything.

Kindest regards

Chris and John