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Client feedback Form

Thank you in advance for taking the time to complete this survey. Your honest feedback is very important to me and allows me to continue my own professional development, which, in turn, will improve the quality of the service I am able to offer my valued clients. According to the celebrant Code of Practice, I am obliged to provide you with an opportunity to give client feedback on my professional performance.
Please indicate your response by clicking on the appropriate box.

1.   How well would you rate the celebrant’s ability to listen to and interpret your wishes and needs in planning and conducting your ceremony?

      Weak      Average        Good           Excellent        Outstanding

2.   How would you rate the celebrant’s ability to explain the legal and administrative requirements of your marriage and to handle the paperwork?

      Weak       Average       Good           Excellent          Outstanding

3.   How would you rate the value and usefulness of the material contained in your complimentary client presentation folder in planning your ceremony?

     Weak      Average        Good           Excellent         Outstanding

4.   How well would you rate the celebrant’s personal communication skills and the professionalism of his presentation style?

     Weak      Average        Good          Excellent         Outstanding

5.   How valued and cared-for did you feel as the celebrant’s clients?

     Weak      Average        Good          Excellent         Outstanding

6.   To what degree do you believe the celebrant delivered true value for the professional fee he charged?

     Weak      Average        Good          Excellent         Outstanding


7.   How highly do you rate the celebrant’s contribution to the success of your special day?

     Weak       Average           Good        Excellent        Outstanding

8.   How willing would you be to recommend the celebrant to your friends?

     Weak      Average          Good        Excellent        Outstanding

9.  How would you rate the overall client-service offered by the celebrant?

     Weak        Average         Good        Excellent         Outstanding

10.  In your view, what specific improvements could the celebrant make in order to improve his future performance and service?

There was a minor fault in the music playback in that the processional music didn't work. The rest of the experience was smooth and hassle free.

11. How did you find out about his celebrant services?

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