Congratulation to young Cam on the occasion of his 'naming day'. This was a wonderful celebration attended by family and friends.


What about a Child Naming...

Naming Ceremonies have become a popular way of celebrating the arrival of a new baby into the family. It is a way whereby parents can publicly welcome their child into the world and where their hopes and intentions for the child can be declared to a representative community of friends and family.

Because it is a wholly social event, there are no restrictions as to the format of the ceremony and it can be as creative as a person wishes it to be. In many respects it provides a social alternative to Baptism, Christening or Dedication services which are normally religious in nature. A Naming Ceremony can however, contain religious themes if so desired.

In essence a Naming Ceremony is a community event that celebrates both the arrival of a child into the world and the unique relationship and responsibilities of parents and significant others in the child’s life. It is a way whereby a child is blessed by presenting him/her to a community of family and friends who will be charged with the responsibility of nurturing and mentoring the child’s growth.

A Naming Ceremony therefore, significantly strengthens family life in a social sense by virtue of the commitments made to the child by parents and friends. The unique values and ideals of the adults present at the ceremony, will help undergird, provide strength and give the growing child tangible reference points on which to build his/her life.

All cultures celebrate child birth in some way and a Civil Naming Ceremony in our culture provides a unique opportunity to both affirm childhood and our social role of guardianship to them.


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You can make an enquiry here about having a naming ceremony for your child.