John and Grace came from regional Queensland and with their children celebrated their many years of marriage with a Renewal of Vows Ceremony at Anzac Park on the Strand in Townsville.


What about Renewal Of Vows...

Renewal of vows Ceremonies have become a popular way of celebrating life together with our married partner. It is a way where we can reflect on all that has been in our lives, to thank each other for cherished memories, to even perhaps acknowledge the more difficult moments in our lives for what they are, and then by the renewal of our vows, commit ourselves afresh to each other, to affirm our continued trust in each other, to ponder new opportunities to grow our lives as a couple and to engage the future with deliberate zeal.

Because it is a wholly social event, there are no restrictions as to the format of the ceremony and it can be as creative as a couple wish it to be. A Renewal of Vows Ceremony significantly strengthens family life in a social sense by virtue of the longevity of a particular marriage and the desire of that couple to publically or privately celebrate that life. The unique values and ideals of the participants involved helps undergird and strengthen our culture and provides tangible reference points for other’s to follow. A Renewal of Vows Ceremony is a powerful moment, for participants and observers alike.

There are no legislative requirements to comply with and as a celebrant I follow the normal client protocols akin to codes of practice I am subject to in my role as a marriage and funeral celebrant.


You can make an enquiry about having a Renewal of vows ceremony here.